Monday, February 1, 2010

Im Designing My Room And Need Cute Ideas What Do I Do Im A 15 Year Old.i Need To Paint My Room.i Have 4 Light,yellow,blue,green.… Cute Design Ideas?

Im a 15 year old.i need to paint my room.i have 4 light,yellow,blue,green.… cute design ideas? - im designing my room and need cute ideas what do i do

Wooo Hooo! I LOVE to renovate!
I like bright, modern and elegant, and so I went with ultra-bright white walls and plain furniture, and add all my colored fabrics with lots of fun fabrics such as velvet and satin. If your image, try (the room is the easiest color to yellow if you are secure in order that their cause if your lil quiet in the 4 walls of the color intensifies, and can be unbearable if it is too light) provide a framework around the pink bedroom designs with 2 / 3 in the wall and adding text and graphics (templates if u can not draw), that only the upper and lower walls, use ur imagination as I create my !!!-- own graffiti "wallpaper" of painting the same model at the same distance, and appear genuine. Make sure tissue is rich and texured future and take the colors of the walls and artwork to be used. Even little touches like the addition of a curtain of economic adjustment, once Wal-Mart's glamorous and customize your room! Even better, if you can sew your own panels. Curtain Tip: Closer to hang from the ceiling and add dramaIf u have a small room, which also for the amount of space. I do not want to paint on the furniture a little too funky in this way, if you want to change it for a few months on the road, you do not have to (go all the furniture in a color that is really starting to suck). Go to sites like and and views of the interior design inspiration (if you try to shares my room by Candice Olson taste - it is a show on HGTV. GOOD LUCK !


  1. Green light for the walls is very pretty in pink.
    Make a Wainscoat at the bottom of the white wall, then rose above light green or light.
    The green stripe on the bottom rail have a "president" along the wall about 2 / 3 from the floor and not higher than that of a very pale pink.
    The green strip that can be done using a flat color and gloss paint. The two different textures in the same color so clearly on the wall!

    You can also rose on the wall and get all the models and an edge at the top and bottom of the wall determined with other colors.
    Or do the green wall, and this, or yellow.
    What is not blue on the wall if you want to decorate with other colors. Not just go so well.

    You can also delete the walls any color (more blue) and big, beautiful, elegant flowers in various places to get a white chair "cut" to the wall 2 / 3 of the climb.

    In addition, you can use the same white star base or CAt the top end of the wall by 1 1 / 2 feet from the ceiling and paint the part and the ceiling and the wall above the light blue and then to draw lines or bold type or a different color from the top. The tapes could be in four colors, width, width of each band, and different colors in the same order, mix 'em up

    Good luck!

  2. A mixture of yellow and Oink

  3. Amy >'.'<February 4, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    Here is a what is good and not too childish ...

    No squares in different sizes on a wall color. Please fill them overlap and the entire wall. So you can with any other three walls a different color with the color of your door, roof and floor of the court. Just a thought.

    You can also use vertical stripes in different sizes and different colors in the room or on the wall and others as stated above.

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