Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fastest And Economical Printer Which Office Printer Is Good And Economical? Any Recommendation?

Which Office Printer is good and economical? Any recommendation? - fastest and economical printer

I need a recommendation for a good officer and economical printer for everyday use. Currently, HP Laserjet 1500, but it seems that the rapidly consumed, drum ca. 3.4 hours. Anyone with a good recommendation?


  1. If you cartiage use in 3-4 months, it seems you need a printer with a series of tax increases. process (how many pages can each month).

    I recommend the HP LaserJet 2015dn.
    I love her because she has a duty cycle of 15,000 pages. As easy as hell for the network, reability excellent, and) cartiages around $ 70 (or 5 cents per page.

    The workplace, we have 4 of them in primary school. We use it as a printer, grade level. So far we have had almost zero problems with them (all issues) have been through networking. In addition, defines the characteristics of these printers are enormous.

  2. I am a sales manager at OfficeMax, I can give you a selection. It really depends on what you need. Inkjet printers have come so far to the use of ink-date. Check out the HP 7590 or 7780

    They are inkjet printers.
    7590 duplex is built on the network, if you need more than one computer connected. No fax, scanning, copying and printing. The black ink with a high capacity can be purchased with or reg color. Black high capacity is only $ 35, you need to be printed 2500 with HP. Color can be purchased as a package by more than three times the 39.99 obtained in each 600-900 pages. O separately (high capacity) 24.99 per 1,700 pages according to HP.

    HP cost about $ 300, on sale now for $ 200

    If you do a lot of registration and record keeping for a long time to get the laser. Inkjet prints fade after about 8 years.
    If you have a laser that could go to, with a Brother 9440th Printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Do you have color. Toner $ 60-80 per enter more than 1000 pages. If you do not need ore fax, you can go with the Brother in 9040. The same, fax

    I hope that helps! ^