Sunday, February 14, 2010

Index Of Pron What Is An Index Valve On A Sprinkler System And How Do You Repair It?

What is an Index valve on a sprinkler system and how do you repair it? - index of pron

My irrigation system does not change zones. My neighbor told me it was probably my index to open up. For an automatic valves to the pressure cons of switching from one region to another is automatically used. I've got a good thing that the water from the system pump and asked himself whether the valve near the pump? Is it easy to repair or replace this type of valve?


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  2. There should be a field in the cavity or near the flow to the irrigation system. This table contains the main controls - then there are smaller boxes in the vicinity of this area for individual controls. They have one son goes back to the control unit, so you can follow the thread of the digital display returns to the control panel and see the gates there. If you or a neighbor saw the installation, they can enter the area. On my system, the main box is about three meters of the valve of the return flow - only the turf - and has a plastic lid rectangular green lawn has become too small. Only after this circular, three cups of green plastic, which open in the control of the region. They want to be on the lookout for the area's largest, and perhaps outside, where waterReflux connection and are in May and in the vicinity of the control unit or the connection closest to the street, if you have a separate meter for irrigation.