Thursday, February 4, 2010

Andrew Wright Sean Cody Who Are The 3 Biggest Steals And 3 Biggest Busts From The 2005 NBA Draft?

Who are the 3 biggest steals and 3 biggest busts from the 2005 NBA draft? - andrew wright sean cody

I think it takes about 3 years, on average, as a player will be in the NBA. There are exceptions, such as Chauncey Billups and Jermaine O'Neal, but in general most players are nearing their peak in the first 3 seasons. Here is a selection from 2005 Draft:

1. Andrew Bogut
2. Marvin Williams
3. Deron Williams
4. CP3
5. Raymond Felton
6. Martell Webster
7. Charlie Villanueva
8. Channing Frye
9. Ike Diogu
10. Andrew Bynum
11. Fran Vazquez
12. Yaroslav Korolev
13. Sean May
14. Rashad McCants
15. Antoine Wright
16. Joey Graham
17. Danny Granger
18. Gerald Green
19. Hakim Warrick
20. Julius Hodge
21. Nate Robinson
22. Jarrett Jack
23. Francisco Garcia
24. Luthur Head
25. Johan Petro
26. Jason Maxiell
27. Linas Kleiza
28. Ian Mahinmi (who?)
29. Wayne Simien
30. David Lee

Please give reasons.

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  1. Major busts .....
    1. Andrew Bogut - it's an excellent player, but pick a number 1, should be better. Every year is statistically better, because he still has the potential to become a man 25.10. But the pace as the other stars of the project that you should be @ this post.

    2. Marvin Williams is also a big loser. It also has a great potential and is statistically better every year. But to get even, for a number 2, should be much better, especially being on a team where there are hardly competition for his position. Eventually, there will be a star, but now it's just a role player.

    5. Raymond Felton is also a bust, would be enormous. He comes from a poor base.

    The biggest robbery --

    4. Chris Paul, for obvious reasons ..... He should have gone to 3, but fell to No. 4 and is clearly regarded as theft.

    3. Deron Williams also earned a top-2 to take, however, would have slipped. I would say it is theft.

    10. Andrew Bynum - first,thought it was a flop, but after this improvement, a better player than Andrew Bogut could. And it's still younger than most recruits, I can not even allowed to drink.

    17. Danny Granger - is theft, No. 17 @, as he now plays, should be a top-10 selection, is excelletn a shooter a large, very athletic, and is long. It is a franchise player for Indiana.

    26. Jason Maxiell is theft, @ 26, which is a poor Mans Ben Wallace. You can still be a better player in the front yard, an important advantage, but they are still good on your computer, so I consider it a theft.

    30. David Lee is an obvious steal that a franchise player, hustler's big and athletic. It is not in New York to begin, so I'm certainly not reached its full potential. He was an average double double of the bank is impressive. NY one David Lee @ 30, @ 8 Channing Frye and Nate Robinson @ 21 It is clear that Lee, they have the highest score is achieved.

    Some more flies wHo fell in the second round ...

    40. Monta Ellis to fly to the obvious. He's star material, and to build a great player to win. @ Although the weather was not good and improving, is still regarded today as an escape into a position that is @ so far.

    everyone has a little too high so that it can be considered an error. I mean, Martell Webster is only 3-point shooting high school boy. Charlie Villanueva is a great striker but not a large trampoline, and probably the worst defensive player in the league. Fran Vazquez and Korolev did not even play in the league and I think.