Sunday, February 21, 2010

For Swollen Gums What Should I Gargle With Bump On The Roof Of My Mouth?! Help!?

Bump on the roof of my mouth?! Help!? - for swollen gums what should i gargle with

So for the last 2 weeks have seen the ball into the upper estuary. It is not too large. Sometimes it hurts, but mostly not. Today was terribly hurt and the pain will not stop. I gargle with salt water and take Tylenol to relieve pain, but nothing seems to relieve pain and the situation deteriorated into. What can I do to a dentist? What is it? My gums are swollen, and I can not eat anything hard, and my gums are soft to the touch. I do not think either gingivitis, because my gums are shrinking, not far from the teeth. Please help! What should I do? "I can not go to the dentist at the time.


  1. It is an infection at the root of a tooth - If this can be the case, you know a dent in the roof of the mouth, which is where the journey kitten (I, it sounds weird, but it happens) to develop on. This is called a fistula.

    Or want to gingivitis or periodontitis. Gum recession is not always 100% of cases, this may be, or so mild that I do not like.

    I would bet that the root canal infection, however, and you are a dentist as soon as possible - today must see, if possible, or within the next 48 hours. The infection can travel (though rarely) through the blood to other organs, so that it is never safe to take a "wait and see" when it comes to dental infections. Do not panic - it's rare that PAHPens, it is easy to be more careful.

    Call your dentist today - they need services, emergency response and place you within a few hours or to a doctor on call () on weekends or at night. If you describe your symptoms to the dentist, will decide whether you think your case warrants treatment on the same day or wait until the next available date. Or you can call an antibiotic suspected infection, you have a temporary hold until you can enter, remove

    Meanwhile Advil works best for dental pain - try 600 mg every 4 hours (3 tablets -) is the strength of the boundary. If you go to the dentist, but try to medication for pain 4 hours to be avoided, asI see the pain, the origin of the track.

  2. As soon as you can go to the dentist-Thu. You can see on a trusted site search, such as the NHS if their symptoms are common and collect all the information they need later. You should immediately make an appointment for an emergency, if you can:)
    Hope this helps:)