Monday, February 15, 2010

Tell Me About Tmj Can You Tell Me More About TMJ?

Can you tell me more about TMJ? - tell me about tmj

I always had a problem with my jaw. mainly because of my teeth grinding at night. You wake in the morning with teeth marks on my tongue and chew marks on the inside of the cheeks. and, of course, pain in the jaw of it. I have a mouthguard for when I sleep at night. but really havent had a problem with him last year. and approximately 2 weeks, I lay on the sofa watching television, and when I woke up, my right cheek was very painful. almost as if somewhere, I Popeda irrelevant. Rather, it deteriorated gradually. I spoke with a dentist and oral sergyn (sp?) And it sounds a lot for him, or do not know what couldnt be done. i havent had radiographs made and have not seen, Tho. Ideas? More ... You know, if I can see through a particular windowis granted, medical care or coverage by insurance dental care?

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