Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fit 22 Rims On 2008 Nissan Altima How Do You Do A Chi Squared Goodness Of Fit Test?

How do you do a chi squared goodness of fit test? - fit 22 rims on 2008 nissan altima

SECTION A: Frequencies of three types of blood groups A, B and AB, between the 151 children whose parents are blood type AB are shown in the table below.

A law of genetics is assumed that the ratio: B: AB should be 1:1:2, as the null hypothesis.

Perform a chi-square goodness of fit test for the above data and answer the questions below.

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What are the expected frequencies in the table is defined by (a), (b) and designated (c) is based on the hypothesis that the relationship of blood groups A: B: AB: 1:1:2? Choose the correct answer options in the drop. (3 points)
(a) the expected frequency of blood group A
(b) the expected frequency of Type B
(c) the expected frequency of blood groupAB

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What is the value of the statistical test of chi-square, X2, for which data on blood type? Choose the correct answer among the following options. (1 mark)


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What are the degrees of freedom of chi-square test for blood type information? (1 mark)


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Which of the following definitive data is wrong blood type? (1 mark)

No statistically significant evidence to reject the null hypothesis that the relationship between blood type 1:1:2.
Data for a share of about 1:2:1.
The observed frequencies are not significantly different from the expected frequencies.
The P-value for Chi-square test is less than 0.05.

That is the question, do not worry, do not ask in someone to tell me to explain all the answers, juice, how to chi. thought mite have to show an example. Thank you. xxx

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Am A Malaysian How Long Does It Takes By Malaysian Post Surface Parcel To Germany?

How long does it takes by Malaysian Post Surface Parcel to Germany? - i am a malaysian

I'm expecting a package from my family in Malaysia with me in Germany. There were some errors. My family sent him packages with the area of the plot instead of air.

How long does it take to get to Germany? Anyone with similar experiences before, please advice. Thank you. I am in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trailer Boat License Ontario I Have A Boat Trailer But Need A License Plate(ontario)?

I have a boat trailer but need a license plate(ontario)? - trailer boat license ontario

I have a plate trailer, but I have no evidence of ownership and said the last owner, and he told me not to tell the license office at home is a fact that the right trailer.
and if I know how much my trailer weighs?

Thank you for reading

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

March Issue Of Seventeen Code Word 2010 Seventeen Magazine Word Of Day March 2008?

Seventeen magazine word of day march 2008? - march issue of seventeen code word 2010

Hello, I lost my journal, so I asked if you know the rest of the code for the completion, March 2008. Thank you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can Too Much Masterbation Affect Mood Does Too Much Masterbation Can Affect To One's Health? I Have To Admit I Masterbate A Lot,?

Does too much masterbation can affect to one's health? i have to admit i masterbate a lot,? - can too much masterbation affect mood

Masterbate me a lot in the 44 still in Doin. but I still almost every day, and as I said, I felt a warm feeling every time I pee. What do u think is going on with me, I mean the warm feeling that I feel?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

For Swollen Gums What Should I Gargle With Bump On The Roof Of My Mouth?! Help!?

Bump on the roof of my mouth?! Help!? - for swollen gums what should i gargle with

So for the last 2 weeks have seen the ball into the upper estuary. It is not too large. Sometimes it hurts, but mostly not. Today was terribly hurt and the pain will not stop. I gargle with salt water and take Tylenol to relieve pain, but nothing seems to relieve pain and the situation deteriorated into. What can I do to a dentist? What is it? My gums are swollen, and I can not eat anything hard, and my gums are soft to the touch. I do not think either gingivitis, because my gums are shrinking, not far from the teeth. Please help! What should I do? "I can not go to the dentist at the time.