Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sv2000 Recording Ps3 How Do I Record My PS3 Gameplay With A TV And A DVD Recorder?

How do I record My PS3 Gameplay with a TV and a DVD Recorder? - sv2000 recording ps3

My TV: Toshiba 56-inch HD 1080i.
PS3: 80 GB
DVD recorder: SV2000 DVD Player / Recorder

In the latter do, in my gameplay of PS3 games and burn them on a normal DVD with my PS3, DVD recorder and TV?


  1. If your DVD recorder has HDMI then you may be able to record HD, but most likely you will need the AV cable to connect your PS3 to the DVD recorder and plug any other AV cables to the TV device to connect DVD recorder. Make sure the input the DVD recorder is connected to the PS3 and the TV input is in the DVD recorder and hit.

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