Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Chemistry What Is Your Hair Like After The Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

What is your hair like after the Brazilian Keratin treatment? - brazilian keratin treatment chemistry

I have very thick hair, and I start treatment tomorrow
I understand that is right, but he let it dry since leaving the shower and air ,,... What can I expect? Will there still be a bit wavy but frizzy hair?


  1. it will not wash for 3 or 4 days, but after hairwill less excited and conference will take less time to do your hair!
    I sell the Brazilian Keratin called Smooth is amazing!
    Mine is corrupted with 5% formaldehyde for what works best on curly hair and

  2. is less soda. My hair is verrry similar to yours. for most people, straight hair is dry, but the hair should be like ours milder. I suggested that the Brazilian keratin straightening, instead of treating because my hair is curly and protest more. I decided to stay w / the keratitis, since it was so expensive.
    it was okay, but not worth $ 400! My hair was a bit sweet, but rough FET has lost its luster and beautiful I've ever used. I do not recommend to others. Even someone who is filled permanently straightened hair done and her hair was like my rough, but soo much worse. It could only happen, soft and silky with Kerastase products or up to the mark. So I bought Kerastase Oleo-Relax on eBay for $ 20 and it works very well