Monday, January 25, 2010

Be Annorexic Wikihow How Do People Become Annorexic And Obese?

How do people become annorexic and obese? - be annorexic wikihow

is very difficult, both .. do
and the end result is painful to watch.


  1. If you are at the same time, so I do not know exactly, but probably because anorexia is a psychiatric disorder with the body image and fear of gaining weight for the voluntary starvation or purging or excessive exercise is obsessed. And probably you can get overweight because the body does not know when to get the next meal and the food stores of fat.

    If you speak one or the other then the body, so that they are all different
    and some people have a higher metabolic rate than others. And everything and everyone has to focus primarily in moderation. If you let yourself go in any direction, not good. And exercise is good for everyone.

  2. Anorexia - that just ended completely convinced that you are overweight, and never see how you're in the mirror. still sees itself as a person to lose weight, no matter what you need. and will do anything to lose weight. stop eating, etc. It is strange when I think of how it sounds as if he could stop, but takes over completely. It is as if you are a person inside you that tells you the fat and need to lose weight. If you're anorexic, you do not see the pain "total surveillance"
    Obesity - I love food and not be tempted, or even food. not mental, such as anorexia. Obesity (unless it is a disease that is not you lose weight, or simply a strange metabalism), it easier to thaanorexiaia leave. It is physically difficult to eat healthily and exercise, in the struggle for menally annorexia is a challenge.

  3. Control problems. I used to be anorexic, I would like in a handful branflakes live in the water to drink every day and only water, I have practiced for more than 6 hours per day. Walking, aerobics jump. I did it before, because I wanted to look like skinny girls, I was 8 years old.
    I think it is either do control issues, or some kind of jealousy at the sight. I was jealous. But some people are so controlled in their lives: Buy your bosses, teachers, parents, siblings, friends ... etc., that all he can do is control your eating habits so that they go too far with it. If you have done for a while, you get the pain of hunger, pain and fatigue set up emotions you feel in control. Is self-monitoring plan works. We can have a mental problem, before doing so.

  4. It is a mental illness is physical. Anorexic will have a distorted image of her body and not obsessed with fat. Finally, he lost control and do ... eat too little or too much work. and ur right, it's painful to watch.

    Obesity is a disease. whether a thyroid, the metabolism of a question or a problem with sadness. Normally, obese people have lost interest in caring for themselves. to eat to fill a gap, or simply a very bad habit, that her body just to digest properly. i wouldnt say it is painful to see, but it makes me sad. BC could not imagine how difficult it is in this position.

  5. Good men are anorexic, because they have a mental picture of themselves as obese, to have ... In his head ... You look in the mirror and see a great person ... Obese people eat, his feelings and his friend and comfort ... Or eat a piece while eating makes them feel as if they were hungry

  6. Most people still believe annorexic because they are fat. Puke buckets are eating or not eating at all for some time. Even if the children are 30 years old to 99 pounds. they feel fat

    Obese people may have problems that have only eat small amounts and lovers of food and have little power

  7. You will be anorexic, because they care so much weight as you eat a lettuce leaf a day and drink only bottled water.
    They are overweight by eating too much and not enough exercise.

  8. An anorexic person feels food is the love that he / she does not deserve.

    An overweight person feels Food Is it love or is missing.