Friday, January 29, 2010

Cost Of Main Cirucit Board For Ge Refrigator How Much Do The Main Banner Ads Cost On The Top Of "" Page?

How much do the main banner ads cost on the top of "" page? - cost of main cirucit board for ge refrigator

"" has my home for probably 5-6 years. Yahoo has just announced the main banner on the advertising on the site. I have seen thousands of these banners over the years. How? Is this one of the most expensive ads on the Internet?


  1. Yes, these ads can be very costly, since the number of "eyes" that they receive. The real price, however, vary depending on the number of exposures, click-through rates in order to run time, etc.

    , At a rate of Yahoo! in quantities, you will get:
    https: / / / leads-cgi / iso_l ...

    Hope this helps!

  2. Most payment notice published on the website when someone clicks on the ad. These banner ads, probably generated thousands of clicks per month, resulting in a payment to Yahoo in a couple of hundred dollars.