Friday, January 22, 2010

My Proform Treadmill Will Not Fold Up Troubleshooting A Fold-up Proform Treadmill?

Troubleshooting a Fold-up Proform Treadmill? - my proform treadmill will not fold up

I recently purchased a treadmill Proform XP-615. ProForm Treadmill Like most others, is the kind that folds. Since I live in a very small apartment, usually fold between training so that they do not occupy much space.

But every time you expand and start my training, initially, a sharp crack when I print on the film, until () at the end of the front of the console. This is done from the swing, it seems that it is simply something that makes fix available, but that does not stop me worry that perhaps creating wear.

The assembly was relatively easy, so I do not believe that the problem is the improper handling.

If anyone had a similar experience and learned what was going on?


  1. Where to buy? Did you test at home?

    My treadmill and not only after several years, but was by the technician, was found of an error, because the solder joint cracks.
    Places like Sears offers internal programs of the annual maintenance for good reason. Mine was as a lifeguard, and he does not pay a cent for maintenance and the band was replaced by the company at no charge!
    Check it out.

  2. Sounds like it could be a piece of plastic broken anywhere, but when it broke, do not limit. If you just broke.

  3. I wonder whether there's a lever that you must use or other ... Do you have the manual .. If you are still trying to phone the customer service.