Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wedding Program Content Deceased Photographer's Opinion Needed On This Program?

Photographer's opinion needed on this program? - wedding program content deceased

I have the opportunity, a vocational school for 18 months of commercial photography participate in the program. The scheme is there. Photographer something? Or should I at a real university?

MISSION: The mission of this program is to prepare students for employment or further training in commercial photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, industrial photography, or the industry of digital photography lab.

Curriculum includes:

This program is a result of the planned courses.

PGY0180 - Black and White Specialist (500 hours) - Provides training in the areas of security, the principles of the camera, creative control, the lines of composition, perspective, available light shots, and use a portable flash.

PGY0182 - Photo Specialist / Laboratory Technician (200 hours) - Content includes training in the following areas: Adobe Photoshop, so that prints, digital imaging and digital imaging.

PGY0183 - Portrait Photographer (500 hours) - Content includes training in basic portrait lighting, lenses and their effects, creating portraits and low high number of men, women and children, portraits of marriage, company profiles, creation of model compounds, light window portrait, and create portraits of the environment.

PGY0185 - Commercial Photographer (450 hours) - an education that computers connected to digital cameras, commercial lighting, multimedia presentations, images of the desktop products, architecture and photography products and a business plan.

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