Sunday, November 15, 2009

Having Bloody Mucus Periods Bloody Mucus, Not Pregnant, Not Period? Whats Your Imput?

Bloody mucus, not pregnant, not period? Whats your imput? - having bloody mucus periods

In the last 6 days I had a lot of mucus, blood ..
I had a baby, so I know that this mucus.
Sometimes it is brown and thick and sometimes his big groups of bright red from her. with bits in it. There are things you know even a little?

Also, the use of a buffer at times and if I do so that everything will be white with a huge bag of blood in the future.

Sorry if TMI not only want to call my doctor and sound like an idiot so often.

What the hell is that possible?
I have a spiral

More details
Yes, I have an IUD, but falls sometimes. My doctor account. IDK if this has nothing to do with it.
31 minutes - 4 days to respond.
More details
Yes, I know that I need to see my dr. In the current week. I just wanted to see if anyone had seen. That's what people do in this regard ...
22 minutes ago

I had my baby a year ago this Sunday:]

In my period is to receive 31

None. 100% secure

In addition, some rAndom cramps.

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