Saturday, November 7, 2009

Colt 9 Aggressive Inline Skates What'd You Think Of The Colts 31-9 Win On The Road Over The Titans Last Night?

What'd you think of the Colts 31-9 win on the road over the Titans last night? - colt 9 aggressive inline skates

The Colts have been bad in the 1st Quarter but Peyton Manning continued his run and threw for 300 yards in 5 games this season.

It was not much competition in the second half there.

Colts played excellent defense and held the NFL rushing leader Chris Johnson has 38 meters to 9. I am satisfied with this result

Colts are 5-0, Titans 0-5 and maybe outside of the racing division

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I was so surprised to receive the Titans, and now I'm beginning to believe that the Colts have a great chance in the Super Bowl.
    Peyton Manning is just unbelievable, but. And I am glad that the Titans give Vince Young some games, he is the future of the team right now.
    The Colts look like they will have no problem winning the AFC South at this time.