Friday, November 6, 2009

Download Pokemon Shiny Silver Can I Get A Pokemon Shiny Gold/Soul Silver ROM Anywhere?

Can i get a Pokemon Shiny Gold/Soul Silver ROM anywhere? - download pokemon shiny silver

I have a VBA, but a GBA emulator emulators DS are gold or diamond / heart of gold in VBA? and where can I get a ROM, I will not. I would like a zip file. VBA file so if there is an emulator for the DS, where U can download and where you download or okemon Shiny Gold / Silver Soul ROM.

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  1. You must wait for the game is on 12 September will be released. As might be expected that an illegal copy when the original game are not even released yet? It must be something, make a copy. When it became known that there ROM for the entire network of websites rom DS. It will be in Japan as well as English versions of these games do not come until the spring of 2010.