Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gall Bladder Polyps Causes Gall Bladder Polyp With Fatty Liver?

Gall bladder polyp with fatty liver? - gall bladder polyps causes

After an attack of pain and vomiting for six months, found an ultrasound examination a polyp of 1.8 cm and foie gras. I have poor pain on the left side and mild nausia attacks. I have a low fat diet for six months and have 2stone lost, but I'm still overweight. I care very tired, a lot of time and sometimes extreme indigestion. I suffered for a time of acid reflux, which causes difficulty in swallowing. A consultant told me that 1.8 cm is too small, and I wanted the other version wants to remove the gallbladder, as he says, it is very important to 1.8cm. I received no dietary advice, both consultants say, it's really a stone polyps. Any advice would be surgury what kind of things I can do to help me. I fear that this analysis was performed by six months and the polyps are now bigger and possibley cancer.

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  1. If a polyp is less than 1 cm below, usually no problems during a scan every six months. If it is greater than 1 cm, it is as large and the gallbladder should be removed. All the symptoms you describe are due to the gallbladder, not in the liver. Do not try to worry and to ensure that the information required by the medical team before making any investment decision.