Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pokemon Emerald Easy Shiny How Can I Find A Shiny Pokemon In Emerald?

How can I find a shiny pokemon in Emerald? - pokemon emerald easy shiny

I am in no Pokemon games of luck. It seems that sometimes I feel incredibly lucky and others have terrible luck. Let me explain.
(Normally, I'm playing Leaf Green and Emerald, in fact)
"Almost 4 years when I was trying to catch Rayquaza that I have and cut the roll. I tried again and found a shiny Rayquaza, without trying at all.
Shini, I took a few times in almost all games. Once on the green leaf, I found a fact in the Safari Zone and capture.
"About a week ago, I wanted to catch Latias in Emerald. I went into the grass. Latias, I found nothing to help me.
"Today I found a Feebs and it is incredibly easy to find exactly where I was. It took me 4 or maybe try something.
"I caught a Mewtwo on my first attempt at full HP, throws a ball in leaf green.
Kyogre few days I have my first test with an Ultra ball.

This can not only related task Shin, but it has to do with my luckk.
So I tried with another brilliant for 2 or 3 years to findnow. No luck. Is it possible that I could find it easily without cheats or hacks? (Smell sweet, white flute, etc.?)
What was confusing:)

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