Thursday, December 31, 2009

Etek Paintball PM6 Vs Etek Ego (Paintball)?

PM6 vs Etek Ego (Paintball)? - etek paintball

I read many online forums on the PM6 vs Etek Ego, but most responses were partly because of the terrible experiences of the past with the respective companies.

I like the PM6 because I've always been a fan of Dye Proto, but I think a n00b for PMR (PMR I am not mistaken hate the way). However, I know that this weapon is very reliable and I will probably end up getting a UL frame buy if I did.
I like the Planet Eclipse Ego Etek because it is a reliable and arms control are very easy to use. I'm also a fan of the concept of the ego and the gun comes in a hard case.

From what I've read is that the Etek is more efficient to have less kick (with Zick kit waiting), and easier, but it is much stronger than the PM6. Given that the PM6 is quieter but less efficient.

I get two guns for exactly the same price and the Etek Ego will come with a handsfree Zick.

What is your opinion? They say do not hate the two companies to help anyway.

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