Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oilatum Soap Dry Skin ...please Help?

Dry Skin ...please help? - oilatum soap

I am 22 years is university.I of dry skin problems for several years.My feet are very dry and peeling skin itchy.Sometimes skin below the knee suffered off.The is also very dry. All the skin on other parts are too dry, but not very evident.I am forced to wear long, wear clothes that I can not show my legs. : '(.

I spoke with a doctor about this problem and recommended Oilatum [SOAP] and Emoderm [cream] ... But he also said that the problem is not in my genes and will be solved: (.

Please help me, there are so many things I like to use and can not use because of this problem, and it also prevented me from leading to a lasting relationship, as well as I can not believe that a man dry the skin hold.

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