Monday, December 7, 2009

Does The Sony 400 Disc Dvd Play Divx Is There A Universal Remote That Allows Me To Control 2 Of The Same Componets?

Is there a universal remote that allows me to control 2 of the same componets? - does the sony 400 disc dvd play divx

ok heres the problem I am interested to get 2 or 3 drives Sony DVD DVPCX995V Model 400 # I've hit a slap in the design, I need a universal principle that allows me to find the remote control in each case individually, and now because it is the same model have the same FEQ. I can not with my Sony LCD touch-screen remote control, now if you need to remotely to do with me, please let me know what I please, or if you know, this problem know to avoid it, you can not to say that I can not do it thanx,

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